edition 010

Following scenes where used in this edition:


New design, refreshed concept

Mostly 1 second scene changes, but there are also parts with 2 second scene changes. There is a tiny black progress bar above the beatmeter and a featured scene, which is visible through the whole video. Future editions will have 4 minutes of cumshots. Stay tuned.

680p resolution only.
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Download the full quality mp4 (highest quality, 4k UHD where available)

or check out the preview image:

4 thoughts on “ edition 010

Fantastic work, mate! Before I ask for more, you ought to know that your efforts are applauded and appreciated.

I’m betting that you realise that your website is getting slammed and doesn’t have the bandwidth to deal with the following that it has quickly gathered. Might I suggest releasing publicly tracked torrents embedded into your website’s RSS feed?

While the website is a fantastic tool for helping new-comers discover your work, for dedicated fans, the experience would be improved with a P2P file-sharing system. Also, the website would be relieved of the fans’ traffic so the new-comers would be able to browse.

We’d all be much obliged if you implemented this feature.


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