Notice: Video streaming fixed

Over a year had a paid premium account at vimeo, therefore we could show you our videos in high quality vimeo player. Vimeo does not reduce the video quality, therefore we invested 150 USD / year into the vimeo membership.

This week, a very friendly user, reported our vimeo account, as they don’t allow adult content. Therefore, all video players on show currently an error.

Currently we are uploading all our videos to pornhub and xhamster. Unfortunately these kind of services do reduce the video quality. If you know a cheap (not more than 150 USD / year) video streaming service, which allows adult content, please let us know in comments.

Rebuild of all video pages to pornhub is now completed.

Special thanks again to the very friendly user, his action allow us to save 150 USD / year as we don’t pay that money for the vimeo premium membership anymore.

5 thoughts on “Notice: Video streaming fixed

Actually, your move was a bad thing. We, here at, believe, that you should pay for your porn. Same is for video streaming services. We were more than happy to pay a yearly fee of about 150 USD to for their services. Our videos were on a private mode on vimeo, so no other users from vimeo have seen our video. Now we had to change to pornhub, a leading company in porn piracy. Thanks to you, we now support pornhub instead of vimeo. Was that what you want?

Honestly I don’t think piracy of anything is a good thing, but it’s what people do nevertheless. Vimeo is a site for other types of content, but not for porn as stated in their ToS for which you got removed. I totally support your ambition to make people pay for porn, but you shared the content for free as well, didn’t you? If you want to host these type of videos for an audience that is willing to pay for it, then host it yourself and only give access to people who pay for it. You aren’t forced to move to a site like pornhub, use a service like Bytesized as you already do for your CH-Basics.

Bytesized has a traffic cap of 5 TB a month, which does reach in 2 days. This is no option. We also cannot charge for our compilations, because the content is not from us. This isn’t allowed legally. We only can ask our users, to buy a membership at adult sites, this is what we do, and we have written agreements from adult companies, which are fine with us doing compilations. We are doing free advertising for them. Thanks to your action, we now have to support pornhub, and with that we indirectly support piracy. It’s a pity. Thanks again to you.

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